PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

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+420 602 300 467 Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm

PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

our services - medical tourism

Our Services

We are a medical tourism facilitator in Prague with the objective of unconditional satisfaction of our clients receiving medical treatment aboard.

MEDIPRAGUE is your medical partner in Prague.

"We provide the best medical care in central Europe for very attractive prices."

  • We deal with world class medical providers
  • We offer five star services while taking care of you
  • Very attractive prices, up to 60% less than local prices




① Contact us

  • advises and assistance during the planning of your procedure
  • Quote with suitable price for very high medical services quality


② Welcome to Prague:

  •  Assistance in your travel arrangements (booking your hotel)
  •  Free pick up from airport and transport to your hotel
  • Free transport during all your medical stay
  • Companion and translation during your stay
  • Free stay and transport for you travel partner


③ Enjoy a new you: 

  • Arrangement of all needed documentation, medical records and bills.

→ You can return home with total peace of mind.



  • You pay directly the clinical before your surgery
  • You pay the hotel at the reception before your departure
  • We don´t charge you supplementary fees for travelling with us* !

*100 Euros for file preparation

Our medical partners :

Our medical partners :

  • Clinics with totally reliable goodwill
  • Best specialists in central Europe
  • State-of-the-art technologies in the luxurious facilities
  • English-speaking doctors and accompaniment over the whole period


The clinics we work with are located in the heart of Europe, Prague, and are renowned for their expertise and complete reliability.

Due to the high level of the medical staff, their ultra-modern and innovative infrastructure and cooperation with foreign facilities, these clinics are even known for their professional competencies abroad.

Our clinical's surgeons came from the elite of the prestigious Charles University in Prague and are among the best and most experienced in this medical sector in the country. They regularly participate in international conferences, where they meet with colleagues with whom they have worked at clinics in other European countries (some of the surgeons have previously performed their practice in renowned Swiss facilities).

Our partner clinics thus have very close connections with medical centers worldwide, and are leading representatives of their fields in Central Europe. Some of them even serve as the European headquarters of large US medical institutions, such as the American Academy of Dental Implantology and the American Academy of Dental Esthetics (AACD).

All of these factors contribute to the fact that our partner clinics, with our countless satisfied clients, are bathed in the limelight of great success.

In the facilities that we have chosen for you, brand clientele are surrounded by renowned experts accustomed to using the most successful cutting edge technologies in a luxurious environment.



  • The best hotels in Prague in the actual heart of the city
  • Luxurious service and comfort in the glamorous environment
  • The Prague way of living: skylights, gentle charm and blooming parks
  • The stay for your accompanying person is totally free of charge


The hotels that will accommodate you before your surgery and after offer comfort and absolute luxury.


Our partner CPI Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in the Czech Republic, has enjoyed considerable success thanks to the superior quality of their amenities and a perfect sense of service. You will be welcomed at two of its gems, the Clarion Old Town and the Clarion Hotel Prague City.


The four-star Clarion Old Town hotel will please with its amazing view: located in the heart of Old Town, it rises above the river and looks up to the castle. A few steps away you will find the famous Charles Bridge and small, mysterious cobbled streets with numerous cafes and boutiques.

The comfortable rooms are tastefully decorated, and the Clarion offers all the services that you expect from a luxury facility: reception, laundry, etc. Do not hesitate to turn to the friendly and helpful staff.

Among the special features of hotel Clarion is its restaurant, which offers specialties of Czech and international cuisine, and a café perfect for an aperitif or an evening glass of wine. The hotel also offers services such as Thai massage, performed by qualified masseuses.

A little plus: the hotel opens its terrace in the summer, where you can enjoy ice cream and refreshing drinks.


The Clarion Hotel Prague City is also located in the center of Prague, in the Vinohrady district of the area called New Town. Vinohrady is known for its pleasant authentic atmosphere, its hospitable cafés and restaurants in the vicinity of blossoming parks. This district is highly prized by celebrities with a high standard of living who appreciate a certain lifestyle.

The cozy and very comfortable hotel rooms are ideal for relaxation and serve as a starting point for exploratory walks in the city. It will take a ten-minute walk to get to Wenceslas Square, the Prague “Champs Elysées”, and there are excellent restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood of the hotel.

Clarion Hotel Prague City also offers massages, and its specialty is its hair salon, ideal for feeling great from head to toe and enjoying the evening program.

Transport/ tourism

  • The jewel of the central Europe, approximately 1,5 hour by plane from you
  • A limo fully available to you in order to take you wherever you wish during your medical stay
  • Meeting of Slavic and Germanic worlds
  • Traditions inherited from ancestors 
  • For your pleasure: tasting and shopping


Prague is a beautiful and alluring city


We must first mention the dazzling panoramas of the jewel of Central Europe: the city, built according to the astronomical calendar, evokes a deep sense of harmony, especially because of the natural way that building architecture blends with the plant kingdom.

With a limousine and driver at your disposal, you will be able to fully contemplate the treasures it offers to its visitors.

To stroll along the majestic Vltava river or climb a hill, roam the parks and gardens, meander in the infinitely charming streets and visit establishments that used to be frequented by bohemians and which bear traces of their famous guests (Kafka, Mozart): there are many ways to discover this city… We can direct you according to your taste and take you wherever your curiosity draws you.


A gothic building in Prague is a waking dream, an Art Nouveau monument with frescoes by Mucha recalls the golden age of la Belle Epoque, a Cubist house evokes astonishment mixed with admiration: Prague is a relatively small city, very quiet and relaxing. In just a few days you can explore it from top to bottom.

It is a place where the Slavic and Germanic worlds in Central Europe converge; Prague is a city of myths, literature and big music lovers. It is also a center of shopping: local specialties include very beautiful jewelry made of amber, Czech crystal glass, and modern art of international renown.

Different tastes and flavors will also prepare an unforgettable experience: excellent beer awaits in cozy pubs and spicy aromas from the kitchen will tempt your taste buds.



Prague, however, is not only the history, beauty and architecture: it is also an ideal city for detachment from the world. Very close to nature, the Czechs are connected with each other in an extraordinary interest in the welfare and care of the body: you can take advantage of numerous massage parlors with ancient techniques, saunas and relatively unknown but pleasant and effective Western techniques - such as salt caverns that will cleanse you and bring a sense of bliss.


It is important to us that we give you comfort during your convalescence, providing you with everything that you can dream of: this is why we will happily take you wherever you wish to go, especially to internationally known thermal facilities.

Did you know ? Czech Republic is the country with the most castles per capita

After you cross over some gentle hills and drive through a countryside in pastel tones, you will pass charming villages and probably notice one or more of fairytale castles , and then from around the bend on a hill your chosen target will appear. Maybe it will be the thermal resort Mariánské Lázně, where you'll enjoy luxurious thermal baths, blooming green spaces and where you may notice cinematic scenery ...