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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

Hair transplantation

Hair: End to Hair Loss

Hair: End to Hair Loss

  • The intervention which will protect and/or restore your hair
  • Hair growth stimulation, transplantation, balancing: a wide and perfectly targeted range of techniques 
  • Professional assessment by the best specialists using the state-of-the-art technology
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Extremely favourable prices 


Hair loss and the relative thinning of hair are natural and are subject to the action of time, but after crossing a certain threshold they must be considered to be pathological problem: we are talking about alopecia. Only medical intervention can stop the progress of this process.

There are several procedural possibilities, and the state of the art technology we offer not only enables the treatment of every type of problem, but also the achievement of lasting effects.

Various techniques are used for the prevention of moderate hair loss, in particular injections that stimulate the scalp to grow.

The stimulatory methods can avoid more urgent surgical transplantation later, but can also be used in combination with it.

If the hair loss is very advanced, the modern painless transplant technique GHO-FM is indicated for optimal results.

For whom are injection techniques and hair transplants intended?

The state of the art technology of our clinics is intended for women and men whose hair falls out due to various circumstances (deficiency of iron or vitamins, obesity, stress, menopause) or permanent causes (the action of androgens - male sex hormone), and for whom such a process is confirmed by a trichological examination.

Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is the most common reason for the procedure. It also concerns women whose scalp receives a large amount of male hormones.

There are various zones subject to hair loss: we can observe the retreating hair of the forehead, in the middle or lengthwise, or the baldness may appear on the temples, on top of the head, the back of the head... even the eyebrows may be affected. 

How the Procedure Can Be Beneficial

For women, hair is the key to their beauty and femininity: it is considered a "jewel" in some cultures, which says enough about the extent to which it is valued. Dramatic hair loss is a great source of suffering. Our clinics will give you back your tranquility, beauty and charm.

Men are equally troubled when their hair begins to fall out, and thanks to the procedure they recover their well-being just like women do, especially because of their renewed charm. 

Are you willing to go for it?

Our clinics offer you proven professional competence and all the best current technology.

You can utilize the GHO-FM method of hair follicle transplantation (also known as FUE, or follicular unit extraction), which is not only effective, reliable and permanent in effect, but also painless.

Its advantages over the original method of transplantation of scalp skin are significant: it means the end of scars, does not get rid of hair in the "donor" zone, and eliminates the risks associated with transplanting strips of skin with hair (which can be destroyed by the lack of nutrients in the original tissue). Finally, this method allows new growth of hair follicles in the donor area, because unlike the older methods, this procedure does not remove all the hair follicles, but only a small portion from the selected areas.

Other techniques that we offer consist in treating the causes of hair loss and not their symptoms: you will be directed to those techniques that are perfectly tailored to your problem.

Under the guidance of an expert dermatologist, it can involve BHRT therapy (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) for establishing your hormonal balance, ozone treatment for capillary regeneration of hair follicles, plasma treatment (regenerative mixture composed of your own blood and activating agent) to stimulate hair growth, or acupuncture for proper function of hair follicles.

The Course of the Procedure

In the specific case of GHO-FM transplantation, the first stage entails the anesthesia your scalp. With the aid of a micro-needle, hair is transplanted from the donor area (on the nape or behind the ears) to the receiving zone. The opening created by the micro-needle enables perfect hair insertion.