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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery


Face Lifting: Be Yourself, Ten Years Younger

Face Lifting: Be Yourself, Ten Years Younger

  • Notable rejuvenation
  • The operation carried out by the best specialists in central Europe
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Favourable price: 1800 €* 


Aging of the skin, muscle slackening and withering of facial skin are an inevitable process.

Lifting (or face smoothing) has incomparable effects: the operation itself will make you ten years younger.  

By gaining ten years of youth, you will again refresh your charm and distance yourself from entry into the category of seniors; why oppose it? 


For whom is facing lifting intended?

Face lifting is intended for persons over the age of forty who do not want to watch their deepening wrinkles and deformation of the face and who feel younger than their age. 

Lifting restores the oval of the face and removes overhanging cheeks. It smoothens out the skin, emphasizes the cheekbones and erases the unsightly creases, even the wrinkles around the eyes.

Calling for this operation are not just the consequences caused by genetic aging: it also corrects the effects of solar radiation ("seared" skin) and skin aging caused by smoking or great weight loss. 

The Benefits of Lifting


Lifting simply enables you to be yourself again, without changing your expression.

You look good, tolerate your age better, and gain lasting muscle tone: the effects of lifting can actually last up to 10 years.

Are you ready to take this step?

Our partner clinics are preeminent in the Czech Republic. You have the opportunity to be in the hands of their specialists with all confidence and certainty in the overall success of the operation.


The Course of Operation

After you are heavily sedated or under local or general anesthesia, the surgeon will perform discrete cuts on the designated zones. 

He then tightens not only the surface skin of the face, but also the subcutaneous layers of fat and muscle. The surgery takes two to three hours and the length of subsequent hospitalization is one to two nights. 

Stitches are removed after eight days, and the patient may go to work in two to three weeks after the operation. A significant result is visible in three weeks after surgery, but the results are not considered definitive until after several months.

Type of treatment Our price*
Facelift 1800€


* starts from