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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers: Radiant and Perfect Teeth

Dental Veneers: Radiant and Perfect Teeth

  • Gorgeous smile
  • Quick and safe remedy for all defects
  • Professional assessment by the best specialists using the state-of-the-art technology
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Favourable price: 476 €*


Have you dreamed about having perfect teeth? Dental veneers (or glazes, coatings, facets) are very thin porcelain layers applied to the visible part of the tooth to endow you with a radiant, gorgeous smile.

This is a quick and very aesthetic solution for the correction of any defects in the position of your teeth, their shape and color.

Dental veneers are an alternative to putting on crowns (these should be reserved for cases of damaged teeth) as well as teeth whitening.


For whom are dental veneers intended?

Dental veneers enable the correction of various dental problems, and do so in a non-invasive way, because the tooth is not deadened.

They mask protruding teeth, fillings, teeth with a gray, yellowish or brown coloration resulting from developmental causes or consumption of certain substances (tobacco, coffee), worn teeth or teeth that disturb you by their length or unattractive shape (irregular teeth, large gaps between teeth - diastema).

Patients may be treated beforehand for any possible dental problems (periodontitis, caries, etc.).

Benefits of Dental Veneer Application

Dental veneers will enable you to have a more beautiful and visibly healthier smile.

Your beautiful smile will be permanent, since porcelain veneers have a maximum service life of ten years, while the service life of composite veneers is between five and ten years.

Older patients will become a good ten years younger thanks to veneers.  

Are you ready to go for it?

Experts from our clinics can help you choose the coloration that will best suit your natural smile: veneers will thus be nearly unrecognizable. 

Course of the Procedure

The first phase consists in making an impression of your teeth, according to which the veneers are formed. In a minor adjustment, about a half-millimeter layer of tooth enamel is removed in order to set the veneers in place in a way similar to the application of artificial nails. The veneers are then glued on using resin.  

Type of Treatment Our price*
Dental veneers 467€

* starts from