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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

Breast lipofilling

Breast Lipofilling: Alternative to Implants

Breast Lipofilling: Alternative to Implants

  • Shaping your breasts and increasing their volume using a natural method
  • Professional assessment by the best specialists using the state-of-the-art technology
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Significant savings compared to operations in France


Breast lipofilling (or transplantation of own fat, or lipostructure) is a method of naturally enlarging breast tissue, which will spare you from undergoing implants and a classical surgical operation. It consists in removing your own fat from that area of ​​the body where it is plentiful, most often from the thighs, and after cleaning injecting it into the breast.

Lipofilling can also be combined with the insertion of implants in order to reduce their size.


For whom is lipofilling appropriate?

Lipofilling is intended for all women under thirty years of age without breast cancer family history, who for various reasons wish to enlarge their breasts and want to avoid implants.

Some patients, for example, do not want even the smallest scars that are left by a surgical operation. Others elect lipofilling because the fineness of their skin and their slimness would make implants too visible and their cleavage would thus lose its naturalness. In view of this, it often happens that lipofilling is performed as a secondary surgical operation for correction of certain difficulties caused by implants.

Lipofilling is not a direct equivalent of an implant in terms of breast enlargement and minimum volume, and is not suitable for women who want to increase their breast size by more than one bra cup size.

Lipofilling is subject to strict rules for proper fat removal and necessarily requires regular examinations. It is inappropriate for women who do not have sufficient fat reserves, or for women who do not want to undergo regular monitoring because of the performed operation.

Benefits of Lipofilling

Compared to breast augmentation using implants, lipofilling has minimal postoperative consequences, will highlight your strong points and beautify your cleavage naturally. You will avoid insertion of foreign bodies and possible unwanted consequences. Lipofillling also enables you to slim down the areas where fat was taken out and remove any pillow of fat.

Are you ready for this step?

Our partner clinics with appraise your wishes, recommend the best possible solution for you, and perfectly reshape your breasts. In the hands of first-class experts in facilities equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies, you will feel complete trust and absolute assurance of a successful operation.

The Course of the Operation

While you are under general anesthesia, the surgeon first performs liposuction, during which he removes about half a liter of fat from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks of the patient. The removal is performed with the aid of micro-punctures by a syringe. The fat is cleaned and as implanted – this time under local anesthesia -- by syringe in solution form through tiny 1mm punctures. The operation takes thirty minutes to two hours and the patient is hospitalized for a whole day. The patient can return to their work activities several days after the operation and the final result will be apparent after three months.

Type of Treatment Our price*
Breast lipofilling 3625€

* starts from