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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

  • Bright triumph of your womanhood
  • Professional assessment by the best specialists using the state-of-the-art technology
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Favourable price: 2000 €*


Breast augmentation allows you to get or return the volume of your breasts that you wish, and sculpt your figure. Whether it is to improve your somewhat less developed chest, or to shape it due to some change in your life, breast augmentation will increase the value of your symbol of femininity - and will certainly prove to be more effective than push-up bras.


For whom is breast augmentation intended?

Breast augmentation concerns women whose breasts are too small (hypotrophy of breasts) or those whose breasts are sagging as a result of breastfeeding or weight loss.

Patients can therefore be young women dissatisfied with their underdeveloped, small or indistinct breasts, as well as moms who seem to have lost their chest size. Breast size can be restored in this case and the operation will give you back the breasts of your youth. Breast augmentation can also be a solution for women whose one breast is larger than the other (breast asymmetry). 

In these cases a simple operation will help, in which the desired modification will be perfectly adjusted to your figure.

Breast augmentation can be performed only after the end of puberty.  

What can be achieved by breast augmentation?


Breast augmentation will make you more seductive, more feminine, and sexier; you will gain great confidence in yourself. If they don’t seem feminine enough to you, small breasts may actually lead to shyness. By enlarging your chest, you will finally wear the plunging neckline you dream about, and you will have one just as you like it.

In addition, this aesthetic modification will bring no negative consequences in the sense that breast enlargement would affect the ability to breastfeed.

Are you ready to take this step?

Specialist surgeons of our partner clinics with discuss the surgical changes to be made in order for you to have the ideal breasts.

At a reduced price, implants of the highest quality will be available to you, so that you can be assured of absolute contentment in the future.   

The Course of the Operation

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. To introduce implants, the surgeon cuts open the skin in the crease under the breast, or the areola or in the armpit. The surgeon then sets the implants on the chest muscles, or between the muscles and the mammary gland. The operation takes one hour and hospitalization lasts for one to two days. The patient can return to their routine activities in one to two weeks after the operation, and the final result of the operation will be evident within three months.

Type of Treatment Our price*
Breast augmentation (both implants) 2000€

* starts from