PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

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+420 602 300 467 Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm

PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery

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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We are a company that cares about your welfare and insists on perfection.


We are firmly convinced that a serious operation must be a matter of deliberate decisions, and that all of today's patients have the right to an optimal targeted offer.


We also know that patients are willing to consider a different location, i.e. a foreign one, which can be accessed more quickly than some European cities, and especially one where they can receive a tailored solution – but only under the condition of complete trust and the provision of all required guarantees: this is precisely what we offer.


We recognized the significant benefits of Prague from the medical viewpoint; this finding is based on our scientific education on the one hand, and on our long-standing activities in Central Europe on the other hand.


Prague is blessed with perfection in the medical sector as well as top-notch architecture: we have decided to offer you these advantages in the form of a prescription that does not overlook any aspect of well-being, and that will uncover all the trump cards of this city: the beauty, charm and comfort that it knows how to offer.


If you are interested in the budget or need more detailed information, we, Aicha and Samy, will be your direct spokesmen. We both have a scientific education at a high level: Aicha is a chemical engineer specializing in food technology with a focus on international trade; Samy is a graduate of the Medical and Pharmaceutical University, specialized in pharmacy.


Our team of polyglots speaks : English, French, Arabic, Romanian, Czech and Slovak ! We look forward to our future discussions with you. We are happy to go over with you all the aspects of the procedure that you are considering, in order to explain the possibilities of its realization in Prague.


Our team is here to provide you a comprehensive solution, to assist you and to ensure your satisfaction throughout your medical journey.

Why should I choose you?

  • All services are subject to absolute confidentiality
  • Safety, satisfaction: luxurious service with accompanying over the whole period
  • Advantages of the new and close site: the city of dreams and safety which you can reach using numerous low-cost flights
  • The best English- and French-speaking specialists at your disposal
  • Unbeatable price advantage
  • The stay for your accompanying person is absolutely free of charge

Your first contact with Mediprague will convince you of our professionalism, our concept of care and services: we guarantee to give you your budget within 72 hours. Perfectly trained counselors will listen to you to and examine your stay to the smallest detail. Our answer to your questions will have the form of an all-inclusive offer, covering all costs for medical and hotel services, as well as any costs for the prospective tourist and postoperative relocations according to your requirements.


Considering this operation, about which one often thinks for a long time, led you to search for different options; now it is important to make the best decision. Mediprague will provide you with the highest possible satisfaction, because we firmly believe that it is vital not only to be in good hands, i.e. be in the hands of the best specialists (English and French speaking) in Central Europe, utilizing all of your possibilities for bringing about excellent, long-lasting results of the operation, but also to bring you the greatest possible benefit from your stay.


Thanks to the nursing staff and the experienced surgeons of our partner clinics, we provide you with first-class care, the price of which will allow you to save up to 60% of the cost of aesthetic and dental procedures carried out in your country.


We proudly present a luxurious complete offer, taking over all costs from the point of your arrival at the airport, where you will be awaited by an English-speaking representative – all you need to do is give us information about your flight so we can make the necessary reservations of your medical stay (hotel and surgeon reservation). We take only 100€ as a documentation fee. 


It should be added that we are in the center of Europe, approximately 1,5h by plane from where you are. Due to the attractiveness of the Czech Republic and Prague to tourists, a number of low-cost flights have been providing the flight connections for years.


The Czech Republic is a completely safe country, and you will be well taken care of throughout your stay. Upon your arrival you will take a limousine to the best medical and tourist facilities in Prague, where we have negotiated very favorable pricing conditions. Your English speaking guide will handle all the countless everyday little things so that you can fully enjoy the city and take sightseeing walks from your hotel, which is situated in the heart of the city - advantages that will make your stay a memorable and pleasant experience in every way.


Last but not least, the stay is completely free for your companion, because we know how important it is to be completely assured and to have the most pleasant surroundings during important life changes.


Perfection, trust and discretion are our main slogans. If you have any questions regarding the operation you are planning, or regarding changes to your potential stay in Prague with Mediprague, we are available to you at tel. number +420602300467.


Rest assured that we will utilize all our specialized medical knowledge and accommodation abilities in order to quickly bring complete satisfaction to you. 

Our Charter of Quality

  1. We commit ourselves to submitting a budget to you within 72 hours and to answering all your questions with the utmost care and effort.
  2. We commit ourselves to offering you the highest quality medical service at the best price and perfectly adapted to your wishes.
  3. We commit ourselves to providing you the best hotel accommodation in central Prague, with a guarantee of free accommodation for the person who will accompany you.
  4. We commit ourselves to arranging in advance of your stay all the necessary reservations at our medical and hotel partners, including those you desire for your recovery time and leisure-time activities.
  5. We commit ourselves to providing you a English-speaking person for each leg of your journey.
  6. We commit ourselves to transporting you in our luxury passenger car to all the places where you will need to go within Prague or to another city in the Czech Republic, in relation with your medical stay.
  7. We commit ourselves to ensuring that your surgery or treatment is performed by one of the best specialists who speak French or English, depending on your choice.
  8. We commit ourselves to securing all the administrative matters necessary for your payment.
  9. We commit ourselves to surrounding you with the best medical and hotel care.