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PRAGUE, a marvelous destination for aesthetic and dental surgery


Abdominoplasty: Flat Tummy

Abdominoplasty: Flat Tummy

  • Flat stomach for tightening of your body
  • Professional assessment by the best specialists using the state-of-the-art technology
  • Accompanied over the whole period 
  • Extremely favourable price: 2190 €*


A slim and firm figure is necessary when we consider our own beauty, while the opposite idea encourages inaction.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is an aesthetic and corrective surgery that operates on the area between the navel and the groin. The procedure removes excess fat, tightens up the muscles in case of their flabbiness, and with the removal of excessive skin renews the tightness of the remaining skin. Stretch marks are also removed during the operation.


For whom is abdominoplasty intended?

Abdominoplasty is for those who do not like their deformed figure and want to have a flat tummy.

It often also happens that they cannot perform a certain kind of sport, because the fat on the belly reacts badly to exercise in places where the body naturally stores its fat supplies.

The operation will help those who no longer want to look at the pillows of fat that they have gained due to age or heredity, or those who want to get rid of the flabby and sagging skin they have acquired as a result of getting fatter or after a big weight loss. 

Advantages of Abdominoplasty


Abdominoplasty will give you back the curves you want. You will no longer be afraid to wear tight-fitting clothes. You will be proud of your body and also gain self-esteem (you won’t have to hold in your stomach anymore)! You will feel slimmer and better in your skin and enjoy your curves; you won’t hesitate to put on a bathing suit and savor all the advantages that you will gain by the change in your figure. 

Are you ready to take the step?

In addition to offering all the tasks associated with tumescent abdominoplasty, our partner clinics have state-of-the-art laser technology whose beneficial effects are manifold (to facilitate healing, cellulite reduction, skin smoothing, ...), and BodyTite technology that protects skin elasticity.

First-class expert surgeons will discuss your questions with you and recommend the best possible solution: it will be perfectly adapted to your problem and make you proud of your body.

In the hands of experts and in a distinctly ultra-modern equipped environment, you can be sure of the overall success of the operation and perfect comfort.

The Course of the Operation

The operation at the Brandeis Clinic takes about two hours with local anesthesia. Using a laser needle, the surgeon warms up the subcutaneous fat before its removal. The patient returns home immediately after the operation, and can even go to work immediately if they want. The definitive result of the operation is apparent after two to three months.

Operations at the Asklepion Clinic are mostly performed under general anesthesia. In the first phase, the surgeon will introduce a special solution, and then continues by sucking the fat out with a fine hypodermic needle. Tumescent abdominoplasty can be combined with using the laser. In such a case the laser treatment is performed at the end of the operation: the warming of the subcutaneous tissue causes it to adhere better to the skin and also ensures better scarring. The operation requires two nights of hospitalization and the patient can return to their routine working process in about a week. The definitive result is visible within approximately eight weeks.

Type of Treatment Our price*
Abdominoplasty 1680€

* starts from